Jennifer Lawrence Talks Joy Inspiration and How Katniss Would Spearhead Her Squad

JOY“It’s about a woman and her dreams”

Source: Jennifer Lawrence Talks Joy Inspiration and How Katniss Would Spearhead Her Squad


Why Coloring is More Tempting than a Cinnabon


Coloring is a hot new trend of 2015.  How coloring books for grownups are different and more complex than the traditional books for kids.  The effects are similar, kind of like Justin Bieber’s love for Selena.  We all enjoyed coloring when we were little.  I mean it’s just as cool as bringing sexy back.  Experts are saying sexy is overrated anyway.  Notice my humor there… More and more people are discovering the joy in coloring inside the lines.  Studies have proven it increases productivity.  Coloring books are flying off the shelves by the millions this Holiday season.  Remember Crayola’s So Big crayons?  Bigger than that even.  The popularity is staggering. sells more than 5 thousand different types.  From My Little Pony to Harry Potter.  The most popular is Secret Garden.  Retailers have sold over 6 million copies this year so far.  I wonder if that illusive Holiday gift could help you win The Game of Thrones.

Be Happy

Yes, absolutely!  I Love Drew Barrymore. If I had a chance to meet a celebrity, I’d choose her. She’s really funny and seems really down to earth. I can honestly say I’ve watched all of her movies. Love everyone of them. I also made sure to put her book “Wild Flowers” on my Christmas wish list this year.

9 Celebrity-Branded Products You’ll Want To Gift Immediately

The turkey leftovers have all been consumed and the Rockefeller Christmas tree has reported for duty—gifting season is officially here! So whether you’re ahead of the game and just need some final touches or haven’t even given it a single thought, we’ve got a few ideas to help get those wheels turning. And because we’re…

Source: 9 Celebrity-Branded Products You’ll Want To Gift Immediately